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(please book your desired date at least 2 days in advance here) 

Relaxation massage

Through the harmonious, gentle movements you will experience the relaxing, stress-reducing and calming effect of the massage.

60 mins

80 €

Lymphatic drainage massage

This special massage technique supports the microcirculation and stimulates the lymphatic system for tissue purification and promotes the drainage of water accumulations in the body.

60 mins

80 €

Salt massage

During this massage, the skin is additionally stimulated by an oil enriched with salt and ensures with the peeling for a silky soft skin. After the shower, the relaxing massage with oil follows.

90 mins

105 €

De-contracting massage

The de-contracting massage, thanks to its deep movements, increases skin elasticity, removes lactic acid, and relaxes the muscles, giving a feeling of immediate relief. This massage loosens tense and sticky muscles, regenerating the body and increasing well-being.

60 mins

  80 € 

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